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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tattered Wings, off the computer and into the world

Today, I finished the final rewrite on my novel Tattered Wings.
It will go to my friend and friendly editor Marlee Yant in the next few days.
Tattered Wings is a timely story about Kenny Wallinger and Jeffrey Stainhour.
They are two strangers brought together by a vicious murdering spree perpetrated by sixteen year old Kenny.
Jeffrey, a successful middle-aged attorney, knows nothing about criminal law yet finds himself center stage when he defends the boy.
There are stumbling blocks.
Everyone knows Kenny is guilty. Even Kenny does not deny his own guilt.
Our story is about our attorneys personal life, which falls apart and his obsession with the whys and hows of the murders.
What kind of a person walks into a school and opens fire on innocents he does not know?
Does it matter if it is a shopping mall, a college or a political rally? This has been going on for years.
The first recorded mass murder was in the 1800's and was committed by a Native American.
What or who pushed Kenny?  Is he insane? Were there indications he was capable of the horrors he achieved?
We find out.
Along the way we meet the Sister he terrorized.  We meet his religiously fanatic and insane birth Mother.
Kenny's birth Father has always loved him, yet being a coward , he never stood up to anyone.
And we can't leave out Shawna, Kenny's horribly abusive Step-Mother.\
As Jeffrey pokes and prods into the case, his marriage of over twenty years falls apart.
This novel is told in 90000 words of fast paced prose.
It answers questions, but creates some also.
The characters, although fictional, are people you will care about and others you will loathe.
I had no idea when I began it, someone would take the lives of twenty beautiful children in Connecticut.
God Bless them and those left behind.