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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Adventures of Diggitty Dog

The Adventures of Diggitty Dog

I am a firm believer that if you get an idea that will not go away, it is destiny.  You are doing yourself a big disservice if you do not act on it.
 For the past several months, I have had an idea about a series of children's books that teach children something in a fun way.  My dog Diggitty is going to be my hero. Diggitty, who is pictured above, lives on a big farm and takes kids on adventures while teaching them how things grow and live on a farm.
This idea has been in my head so long, I was able to write the first book in less than two hours.  Today I finished book two.
It isn't that the books were so easy to write but that they rattled around until they were complete and only needed to be written down.
The turning point from thinking to writing came the other night when I sat and watched Beth Carter, Allison Merritt and Tierney James give their book reviews at the Friends of the Library in Marshfield last Tuesday night.
I was proud of them.  They did a great job.  That night I asked myself what I was waiting for and the answer came back.  Nothing.
So, be sure to check back and follow the Adventures of Diggitty Dog.  She is a hoot and you might just learn something about gardening, animals, and the antics of an eight pound protagonist.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Solstice in the midst of the lingering winter

I so wanted spring to come early.  Remember last year when we were already planting and enjoying the sunshine on the first day of spring.  Well, now I am sitting here writing this and listening to the winter storm warnings on television.
Last night I had a break and went to a Spring Solstice party.  A good friend has a great garden and yard in Springfield.  She invited some of us over and had Vera, an ordained priestess, preform a solstice ceremony to rid us all of the old energy of winter and introduce us to the renewing energy of spring. She did this with burning sage.
Vera, explained the four important elements.  Air, water, soil and sun ( or warmth).
The air or wind represents east or west.  It would depend , she pointed out, if you were on the east coast or west coast, because of the oceans.
Next was the water, same directional conformations as the air.
Soil represents the north and sun or warmth, from the south.
So, now we have the four major elements, we were to say the name of the Center that rules us.  I heard God, Energy, The Universe, The Source and Jesus uttered by those around me.  An eclectic group to say the least.
Next, Phyllis, my friend, whose garden it is, told us her vision for her space.  She has already put in a figure eight walkway and several cozy spaces to sit, each away from the other.  It reminds me a a personalized park.
Next we traded plants, seeds, plant starts, and produce (home ground) to link all of our spaces together.
We sang a song the priestess taught us about water, wind, sun and heart beats.
I loved it.
Then we went inside and had a party with wine, food and some of the most interesting talk I have listened to all winter.
It felt good to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new.  I look forward to doing it again next year and hope the weather cooperates more so we don't have to do an short  version.
I am so happy I have such an odd array of friends. I feel truly blessed.
All of you have a great day. If you have never grown any of your own food, make this your first year to do so.  Stop and smell the roses, it is sweeter if they are your own.