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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I tried to cancel winter

I tried to cancel winter, but it didn't work. The cold, ice and wind keep coming. My goal is to get through the day without complaining about anything.
Let's face it, we are blessed. We have running water, heat, electricity, pets, clean beds, I could go on and on.
Still, we complain.
I tried to imagine living in the homeless camp I saw on TV last night, children without dinner and animals freezing without food and water.  It makes me ashamed when I do complain.

In truth, if we didn't have extremes, we wouldn't have anything to compare things too. If the tempature stayed between 45 and 75 degrees, would we appreciate it? I say NO.

It is human nature to want ideal conditions, but we don't get them.

People who live where it never snows, want to experience snow. Most of the people I talk to here in Missouri say they love the change of seasons, it's what keeps them here.

When I was a kid, I walked everywhere, including to school. We lived outside the city limits. I walked two miles each way in snow, rain, sleet and heat. It was uphill both ways.

Now kids don't walk around their own neighborhoods. We went out in the morning, checked in at lunch, and dinner and were in the house when the street lights came on.

I don't remember winter being cold and dreary, but I'm sure it was.
So what's the point of this essay? None really. Sick of winter, no sun and cabin fever. The dogs are toasty in front of the fireplace, there is plenty of firewood and I can smell red beans and rice on the stove.
Roses, daisies, budding fruit trees and warm sunny days are right around the corner. Spring is 28 days away. 
And , Easter is early this year, April 5th.
Take a minute, say thanks.
Okay, I'm done.