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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hunningbirds and Spring

There are lots of things I love about spring. I live on a farm and no matter which way I look something is renewing itself. 
My favorite is the hummingbird. I can set my watch by them. Each year on April 15, they begin to scout around where the feeders were last year in hopes they'll find them once again.     With a temperature of thirty and a  windchill of seventeen, the feeders bounced around too much to keep the nectar in. I hope I didn't starve them. The feeders went out this morning, four days late. 
Did you know that most nectars other than that from natural flowers and one you can make yourself will hurt the tiny little bird?
It makes me wonder why companies make packets and bottles of un-natural juice for them to drink.
Hummers need a nectar made of pure cane sugar, here is a hint. If you buy sugar and it does not specifically say CANE sugar on it, it is beet sugar.
Beet sugar will not hurt the birds, but it doesn't have the nutrients of cane sugar and it will break down sooner in your feeders. 
The best way to make nectar is one part sugar to four parts water. In other words, one cup of sugar to every four cups of water.
Boil it, stirring now and then. You need only bring it to a boil for fifteen or thirty seconds.The object is for it to last longer in the feeder and in your refrigerator, 

It doesn't matter where you put your feeders. They prefer a little shade so if you put them in the sun you will need to change the liquid more frequently because the sun breaks it down faster.

Happy spring finally and enjoy your hummingbird friends.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Inside Story -- Audiobooks

Do you like audiobooks? It seems they are the most popular thing in publishing at this time.

Some authors and publishers are bypassing ebooks and paperbacks in order to go straight to the Audiobook.

Audible and Itunes are the two best selling applications for Audios. 

Audiobooks are convenient. The reader can listen while as he drives, does chores or gardens. It is a great tool for the multitasker.

So who reads your book? My first audiobook is for sale. Audible lets you pick the producer. For my novel Tattered Wings, I chose William Reese. 
Bill has been in radio for years and knows how to make a character come to life.

His voice is rich and inviting. I closed my eyes and listened to him read. 
To hold the attention of the author is no easy task. We have already read our work many times.There is when we write it, rewrites, (at least two, but more likely three), then it reaches the editor to go through first, second, third edits as well as line edits, and last but not least, it must be proofread.
Such is the way it was with Tattered Wings. I put my headphones on and prayed I could keep my mind on this story I knew so well.
By the end of the first chapter, I was drawn into my own novel.
Thanks to William Reese, it was easy. Bill has done five books for Audible this year, and I look for him to do many more including any adventure I have that calls for a male reader.
Did I mention I feel like I've made a new friend?
Anyone can download a book from Audible free. I did, and I can see how it could be addicting.

.Image result for william reese To learn more about the talented Mr. Reese, drop by his website 
Watch for the rest of my list to reach Audible in the near future.