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Monday, March 9, 2015

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Why you should plant flowers!

 Flowers are the first plant ancient man cultivated for himself that he didn't need for survival. Isn't that remarkable?

Since the dawn of man, flowers have held a special place in our hearts. We send them to weddings, funeral, and birthdays. We put them on our tables and talk about their smell and shape. They are remarkable onto themselves.
When the first spring bud peeks its nose out of the frozen ground, we can't help but smile. It reminds of us of the renewal of the promise of warmer weather and the pleasant offerings of the earth.
It is the day I go inside, get out my graph paper and begin plotting my garden.
This year, my goal is to fashion a meditation garden. I think I will put it out front and build a small arbor , cover it with grape vines, put rock from the farm as a floor and benches made of planks with legs of tree trunks. I can picture it, can you?
I will fill it with sayings that lift my spirit, such as Follow your dreams, Be Still and Know and perhaps a few more of my favorites.
These projects have a way of growing and taking on a mind of their own, so I won't make too many plans.
My only sister, Sandra, has a spring birthday. We are getting older now. Her birthday reminds me of spring and my mother. Easter was her favorite time of year. When I see little tufts of new grass, Mom comes to mind.
We didn't get to see our mother as an old lady. She died at the tender age of 64. I had to get a lot older to truly realize how young that is. Young folks look at us and think we are old.
I am here to tell you that I still remember something my mother said. She said, "Susan, I still think the same way I did when I was in my thirties. I still have dreams and desires, same as I had then. When I look it the mirror, I am stunned at this aging woman who looks back at me."
The other day, while looking in the mirror, I realized exactly what she was saying.
So, this is my spring thought for you. Plant a flower, or many flowers this spring. Maybe you could plant them in memory of someone you have lost or someone you may have found along your path.
Happy spring. Enjoy the promise it holds for you.
Not only is each spring a new beginning, but so is each morning.


  1. This was the most touching thing you've ever written. I loved it. It really hit home for me.

  2. Thanks.It means a lot to me.

  3. Loved this post. It spoke from the heart. I lost both my parents. My mothers favorite flower was lilacs so I planted one for her in my garden. My Dad had the worst allergies so I made up a rock garden in his memory. It's my special place to go when I need to think. Thanks for sharing. Lynda

  4. Lovely thoughts, Susan. I'm almost the same age my dad was when he died at 61. So hard to believe. I always plant a garden. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but I always give it my best shot.

  5. Linda, so glad you planted for your mom and love the rock garden for your dad.

  6. 61, Shirley, that is younger than my mom. I feel blessed to still be here and have my sister who will be 76 on the 12th.

  7. Susan, what a beautiful post. The arbor you describe sound wonderful! My mom and dad both had the ability to make things grow. Mom always had plants in the house during the winter and loads outside during the summer. I love flowers, but until now, I have no talent for making them grow. But this spring I will try once more. Perhaps this time....

  8. I can picture your meditation garden. Wish I had the ability to make one but alas I don't have a green thumb. My parents both died at age 69. My brother and I are both past that age but we have memories.

  9. Barb, pick something easy to grow like daisies. Good luck.

  10. Other than grape vines, I don't know how many plants I will have in that garden. We are trying to make the entire front yard gardens so we don't have to mow.

  11. If you hadn't told me you were in your 70s I never would not have known. Still plenty of time to follow those dreams.

  12. Absolutly! Age means nothing.

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