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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Facts About the FBI Most Wanted List

Things you didn't know about the FBI MOST WANTED LIST

The First person on the list was Thomas James Holden back in 1951.

17 cases have been solved directly because of the television program America's Most Wanted.

Victor Manuel Gerena has been on the list longer than anyone, since May of 1984.

He stole $7 million from a securities company. There is a million dollar reward for his capture.

On the other hand, Billie Austin Bryant was on the list 2 hours. He robbed a bank and murdered 2 FBI agents.

153 Fugitives have been caught because of tips from the public.

Only 8 women have ever made the FBI Most Wanted List.

The most common crime in murder.

The largest reward ever offered was $25 million. for the capture of Bin Laden.

The largest for a domestic criminal was $2 million for Whitey  Bulger.

The current Most Wanted List includes: Jason Derek Brown : murder and robbery of an armored car.

Simon Mogilevich: Mob boss, swindled investors
out of $150 million.

Eduardo Ravelo: head of a prison gang. Drugs

Robert Wm. Fisher: killed wife and 2 children, then blew up the house.

Of Course, Victor Manuel Gernea who took hostages in a robbery were he stole $7 million dollars.

Joe Luis Saenz: Mexican drug cartel. Committed 4 murders in 10 years.

Glen Steward Jordain, Narcotics

Alexis Flores, Kidnapping and murder.

Eric Justin Tota  Private school teacher. Child porn.

The criminal mind is fascinating!

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