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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Free To Good Home

+Free to good home, Rhodesian Ridge-back.  Is house trained ( on the days she's home) . About two years old. Her name is Roady,  Doesn't come when called, runs away continuously, brings me treats, most recently a dead rooster from the neighbors show birds.  Doesn't bite.
Excellent appetite . Got into dog food ate all 20 pounds.
I 'll deliver her to you. Shots are up to date.
You can reach me at 427-566-xxxx. Call anytime.

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I must admit after I spent hours and hours going to find her over the years, she became a good dog. In the meantime, something chewed part of one of her ear's off.

We put her in a metal kennel when we left for any reason. She never showed any fear of storms. Once she left  in a rain storm and didn't come back for days.

 Things changed, it stormed once while she was in the pen and we were gone. She destroyed the pen, actually bit parts of it to get out. She proceeded to the front porch, her nail scrapes are still on the storm door.  Our neighbor came by and thought she did a good deed by opening the door to let her stay in the screened-in porch to get her out of the rain.

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Roady proceeded to eat the molding around the front door. The entrance way looked like I would have pictured it if a beaver tried to get in the house.

We decided to take her with us the next time we went shopping. I took a Ranger pickup I had at the time. While we were buying groceries she ate the entire panel off the driver's side door. I mean all the way to the metal.

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When Roady could no longer jump the fence, eat through the kennel we re-enforced, or otherwise raise general havoc by picking on the small dogs, she became a great dog.

When she was thirteen, we had to have her euthanized. The last few years she was a house dog. Her arthritis got so bad she had trouble navigating the steps that lead to the back yard. She was mostly blind and deaf as a door nail. 

Did I mention she was house trained
Roady's ashes now sit on the top shelf of the bookcase. We miss her. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running anywhere she wants.


  1. It's so hard to lose an animal. I can't tell you how many times I've threatened to kill my dog, Peanut. She barks at anyone who comes into the house. She barks all the way to the doggie door and limps out it to bark at the neighbors who walk by. She drives me crazy. But she's 15 now and has arthritis. She also has a lump on her stomach the doctors are now concerned about. I'll miss her when she's gone, which I fear won't be too long coming.

    1. I was thinking about her today. She was a gentle pet.

  2. What a story. Pets are family even when they're naughty.