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Sunday, February 3, 2013


One of the nice things about being a writer is the writer's groups.  I belong to ORA (Ozarks Romance Authors) and Sleuths,Ink ( mystery writers group).  There are many more and if I had the time, I would join them all.   So much talent in the same room when I go to a meeting, I can almost see it vibrating in the air.

This year I participated in JANO.  It is designed to get the creative juices going for writers in the area.  We did however have writers as far away as the Philippines and Michigan compete, and where ever C. Patrick Nagle's  ship happens to be sailing.

There are several categories, Best title, best first line, best blurb, best first page and first person to get to 50 thousand words.  Reading peoples progress during the month was fun and the  wind up dinner last night at the Event Center was well done.  We had good food, laughter and I made new friends.

My entry won best title and the basket was a writer's dream of paper, pen's, flash drive, candy and books and more.
What was best about the experience was the honor of being in the room with so much imagination.
Congratulations to the winners and everyone else.  Believe me, there were no losers in the room.

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