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Friday, February 22, 2013

Random facts

This is the third day I have been inside.  Living on a 97 acre piece of land makes this a rare event.
Right now my reason for staying in is ice.  I go out in snow and rain, but ice and I do not mesh.
Cars and I have no traction on ice.

 I have been working on the edit of my novel Tattered Wings.  I love seeing it get better and better, but once in awhile, I stray.  This afternoon I strayed because of odd facts.  That's right.  Not brownies or ice cream or even a second cup of coffee, but odd facts.  Facts fascinate me.  I am always amazed to watch Jeopardy and have someone come up with an obscure fact.  I wonder how they know which star is the brightest one in the northern sky of the southern hemisphere on December 9,1918, at dusk.  Okay so maybe that wasn't the question, but it was something unknown to us normal folks.

So here I am  to entertain you will some facts not known to most of you.

1.   There are more chickens than humans on the earth.
2 . Butterflies taste through their feet.
3 . Lightening strikes the earth 8 million times a day.
4.   Dolphins sleep with their eyes open.
5 .Only 11 % of the earth is used for crops.
6 . Your heart beats about 100000 times a day.
7.  A flea can jump 130 times his size.  If you could do that you could jump over the St. Louis arch.
7.  China has more pigs than the rest of the world combined.
8 .97 % of the world's water in non-drinkable
9.  70% of the world's red meat eaters eat goat
10  Silent and listen have the exact letters.
11.  The blue whale is the largest mammal on earth.
12.  Bull frogs never sleep
13.  We don't sneeze when we are sleeping\
14.   We use the equivalent of two liters of oil per person in the world, per day.
15.  Only 20 % of the people in the world have a passport.

Okay, I am ready to go back to editing.  I hope you are all enjoying some good weather and are not stuck in the house as I am.  Life is good.


  1. Ha! And THIS is why it takes us so long to write books! Damn internet and its fascinating FACTS! Fun post.

  2. Fun stuff. I love random trivia.

  3. Great pieces of interest, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am iced in studying nuances of kitty expression. That 97 acres of heart connection. Staying tuned.... :j

  5. Fun stuff. But I've always wondered WHO in the world could possibly be so bored that they have time to sit and count humans and chickens, or other things like that. And who is the idiot that figured out that butterflies taste through their feet? Can we really be sure of this fact? Did someone used to BE a butterfly?

    Hope you get out soon, Susan. Not going stir crazy are you? hehe

  6. I am going out today if only to make sure I don't forget what the rest of the world looks like.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. How on earth would you know these things is my point exactally.

  7. Fun stuff. I've been cooped up for two days also. I live in town, but like you, ice and I don't mesh. Gonna try to make it out to my car today.

  8. Good luck Wanda. We are coming to Springfield to shop. Out here they don't own a snow plow or salt. I parked my car in the shade, duh.

  9. Good stuff! I, too, enjoy trivia, especially useless trivia. ;)