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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

 Happy Mother's Day
 The sun rises
it sets
the rain comes
and then the sun
am I making the most of it all.

Some days are long
and scary
some are short
and blurry
some are sunny and bright
and everything is my world is right.

Other days I can't figure
it out.
Just want to run away
or sit in the dark
Then a thought occurs to me
how precious this day can be

Surely there is something
It could not have all been miserable
Then I smile at something small
I wonder how I could be sad at all.

I remember something my dear mother said.
Keep your feet on the ground,
Your eyes to the heavens and your face in the sun.

Happy Mother's day mom.
It has been twenty seven years since I saw you last
I try never to dwell in the past,
but I love you now as I always did.
And I will always be your kid.
The baby of the family.

Ruth Ethelyn Rench.
Died July 18, 1986
Age 64.
missed so much


  1. Thanks for helping me remember the important things.

  2. Very moving. I never thought about it, but grandmothers are mothers too. Both mine are dead, but I still feel like they can hear me from heaven when I speak to them. Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

    - Chuck Robertson

  3. Thank you for sharing, Susan. Missed my mom a lot today too. Hugs! Angela