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Friday, September 22, 2017


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I'm setting at my desk with an application for The Best Book Awards on my desk. The entry form is filled out and the check is attached to the top.
As I always do, I read the website one more time to see what I would actually GET if I'm a winner.
A mention on their website and a chance to BUY certificates and BUY stickers that say I'm a winner.

The website also says the FINAL deadline to enter is September and the winners will be announced in November. I added up all of the postings and their adds and realized at this point over 9000 books have been entered. Now remember, these are just my figures.

They don't actually say who the judges are, but there would have to be hundreds to read all these entries in a month. Do you think they actually read them?

I began my search to see if I could find more evidence to support my own findings or if I was only getting cold feet about letting go of the entry fee of $69.

 I visited the Alliance of Independent Authors, and they have many contests rated, I suggest you go there before you enter this or any other contest. Two other good resources to see if the accolade you hope to receive is on the up and up are Winning Writers and Editors and Predators.
If you have researched any of these contests and awards, leave your input in the comments below.

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  1. 9000 is a lot of books to review in such a short period of time. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I'm not sure why you emailed this to me, but to be clear, I've never paid a DIME to enter a contest. That's absurd. I, rather my books, were always sought out via my good reviews or nominated by readers. The three major awards I've received were international awards and only the final tier of finalists' books were read by industry professionals. I think you should pass.

  3. Beth, I sent this to 50 + Authors that I know and I had one and only one goal by doing so. I am trying to build the readership of my blog. I under no circumstances would demean, or degrade anyone's accomplishments. I'm sure you are proud of your achievements. Not all authors are as savvy as others. The blog itself was purely informative and I had NO ONE in mind when I posted it.

  4. I've seen that award posted on FB for a few weeks. I've also wondered if it was worth it. Amazing that you went to the trouble to research it. I've been wanting to make a list of possible awards for writers, but was put off by the entry fees. Looks like that particular award is all about making money. 9000 entries at $69 apiece? Someone is getting rich. Thanks for the input, Susan

  5. Thanks for the info. Good to know!!!