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Monday, November 19, 2012

Great and Easy Holiday Desert

Great and Easy Holiday Desert

I would like to give credit where credit is due yet I cannot remember who gave me the idea for this great desert.  Did I mention it was easy?
Okay.  Here comes the ingredient list.  Ready?  

One spice cake mix
One can of pumpkin.  15 oz. (Did you ever wonder why it is 15 oz and not 12 or 16?  Honestly, things like that bother me.)

Okay. You have the entire ingredient list.  Now, even with my failing eyesight and bad memory, I do not need to write this down before I go to the grocery store.  To need three things from the grocery store has been known to cause me to have nightmares.  I begin wandering down the isles trying to jog my memory as to what the third thing might be. Once I realized I had been looking so long, the security person had been alerted and was following me. This  does not happen to me when I make this recipe. 

Now, pour the dry cake mix into a bowl, add the 15 oz can of pumpkin and bake according to the directions on the cake mix box.  Okay, you are done.  It is delicious.

Today at the gym.  Yes, I do go to the gym. I like having my car seen there.  Makes me look athletic.  Oh well, about what I heard at the gym.  One of the ladies told me she uses the same spice cake and pumpkin and adds cinnamon chips and makes cookie out of it.
Now. I don't have any advice about it.  I am wondering about the consistency of the batter for cookies. 
If you want to try it, I suggest you watch the first batch carefully until you know how long it takes to bake them.   
I plan on blogging daily, but if I don't with the Holidays and traveling, I will take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving.
Safe travels and be nice to one another.  We are all we've got.


  1. Blogging is fun. I hope you enjoy writing here. I like your sense of humor. :D

  2. Nice start! If only I liked spice cake... ;)