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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today I learned a new term.  Life Hacks!  Okay, so maybe I am behind the times.
 I use life hacks, I just didn't know  what they were called.
I use a clothespin  to keep my potato chip bag closed.  I have been known to use lots of ordinary household items in odd ways. What I didn't realize was that it made me a visionary.
My innovative ideas usually come late at night when I want to go to bed but know I will have to face my problem in the morning.  I grab the first thing I can find to solve my immediate problem and low and behold. I am an innovator.
  • Even more surprising is there are books about life hacks, blogs devoted to only new life hacks, and people who jot every new thing they do so they can write a book about life hacks.  Hum. Why didn't I think of it first?

Wikipedia says a life hack is a productivity trick, a shortcut or skill, or a novelty method  to increase productivity and efficiency.
If you put a "pool noddle" under the fitted sheet on your child's bed to keep him from falling out, you have invited a life hack. Use a clothespin to hold a nail while you hammer it not only saves fingers, but it is a life hack.
How many do you use?  Leave your favorite life hack in the comment box and  let's see what we come up with.
I wonder if using my computer instead of a pen and paper is a life hack?


  1. Great post, Susan. When we travel 2 or 3 days - leaving the outside dogs to their own devices, I put 2 ice blocks in the bottom of a big cooler then top it off with water. Instant auto-waterer and the cooler helps keep the water cold.

  2. Ooh, I like that pool noodle idea--we may use that. I don't tend to come up with life hacks. For whatever reason, my creativity doesn't run that direction.

  3. I tend to steal other people's life hacks. But with my bad knees I seem to be finding more inventive ways to do things.

  4. I'm not sure I have any life hacks. But it's definitely getting me to wondering..... Will check with you later.

  5. Kelly, I am going to try the water idea for dogs. It is a great one.